The importance of good conduct


Nowadays is really easy to comment or post in a blog our own opinion. Thanks for the Internet, we can be in touch with the latest news, and also we have thousands and thousands blogs where we can leave our comment and self opinion. So it is very important what are you commenting on those blogs because them are publics and everyone can see it, as well as if you had your personal blog, where others can see and leave a comment, so you should be alerted about what they comment and how them do it to avoid any misunderstanding.

First of all to begin with, I have to highlight the importance of having a blog. A blog needs dedication and occasionally (meaning almost always) needs to be revised to avoid having any inconvenient things like follower’s violent comment or pictures. Therefore,   we have to take responsibility for our own words and for the comments we allow on our blog so it’s the same if we say that if someday we believe someone who has left his/her comment in our blog and it is unfairly attacking another, we should take action and prevent the occurrence. For example, it is unacceptable if it contents threats, abuses and violent voices. As well as if someone violates an obligation of confidentiality or the privacy of others. Is desirable for the author of the blog to restrict, more or less, the users and them action and movements in the blog, thus it is easier to control any inconvenient and uncomfortable states. It is also likely to avoid anonymous comment, because if not, you will be the only guilty of any problems although you do not know anything about it.

So having in mind these advices, we might know what to do before and after creating a new blog. Because the freedom of expression is very important, but always respecting other opinions and points of view.

On the other hand,  Tim O’Relly , the founder of O’Reilly Media, also has summarized some of his chief takeaways from the discussion so far and then, he added his extended comments. For example, he proposed the poor choice of the “badges”. Here is the simply idea for a shorthand mechanism akin to that provided by Creative Commons for sites to state their copyright polices. And some suggestion of some moderation mechanism that are better than policy. Slashdot’s moderation system may also be a good model as well. He highlight the importance of a  modular code of conduct. You can propose your own list of modular axioms that a site might want to assert about it policies.

Here ir a video if the Tesis of Tim O’Relly.

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